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Static Eliminators

Static Control:Nex Flow™ provides high quality and superior Static Control products.

How to control static electricity and eliminate static charge:Static can be addressed using both passive and active systems. The use of active static bars is the best method on how to control static electricity buildup in production and eliminate static charge.

Static control components and static electricity eliminator and static charge eliminator:The basic static control components consist of a static bar or point which ionizes the air creating positive and negative ions and a power supply. The static bar or point is the static electricity eliminator. The static charge eliminator works from the power supply which is a high voltage transformer that creates an ion cloud at the pins of the bar or point static eliminator

How to remove static electricity:How to remove Static Electricity - The static bar or point is placed near the charge and the ions generated by the unit cancel out the opposite charge on the surface o the part.

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Standard Air Blade Ionizer a quality static bar made by Haug, a world leading static control manufacturer. Charges can be eliminated quickly, even over large distances and surface area. The Standard Air-Blade™ air knife is an efficient and sturdy unit for many blow-off applications. For even greater efficiency and reduced noise levels you can utilize the Silent X-stream TM Air Blade TM. Both units utilize the quality Haug static bars – the RN bar for most applications or the extra strong VS bars (Triple X versions) for very high static charges and extremely high speeds The Standard Air-Blade™ Ionizer uses a small amount of compressed air for a powerful, and adjustable force with "laminar" flow to eliminate charges in applications where static bars cannot reach or where high speeds are a factor. Normally the Standard Model RN Haug brand static bar can address most applications. For extremely high speeds and high charges the extra powerful VS model is used. For washdown applications (such as pharmaceutical areas), even a washable model is available at extra cost. All Haug static bars come with a patented safety connector and fully shielded cable. The power supplies are "repairable" and are so well made, that we offer a two year warranty on them (one year on the bars).

Dust Removal For Car Bodies:

  • Dust Removal For Car Bodies is an ideal application for the Ion Air Gun if manual cleaning is used and for the Air Blade Ionizers prior to the vehicle entering a paint booth.

Static Eliminator - Air-Blade™ Ionizer Features:


  • Connections on the back or ends
  • It flows from end to end (full flow).
  • Stainless steel models are available for high temperature and corrosive models.
  • Models are designed for easy cleaning and prevention of dirt entering the static bar, minimizing potential damage.
  • Patented connectors with the ground intrinsic to the cable design.
  • Instant ON/OFF with no moving parts.
  • Repairable Power Supply with a two year warranty.

Static Eliminator - Air-Blade™ Ionizer Benefits:

  • Flexible mounting options.
  • Units can be mounted end to end for longer lengths with no air gap.
  • High temperature, extra strength, and even a unique washable stainless steel model is available for special applications or as required.
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • No separate ground connection that can be cut and cause sparks or accidentally shock personnel.
  • Conserves air use when not required.
  • Eliminates one costly area which is power supply replacement. 2 year warranty assure quality product.
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Air Ionizing Gun is light weight and easy to handle with its service-friendly handling, is a peerless innovation in the field of elimination of dust and charges. Heavy-duty users and others will appreciate its lightweight at only 480 grams (before air hose and HV cable).

Ionizing Air Gun Function:

  • This product is based on the neutralization of “spot charges” by means of bipolar ions.
  • The head of the device is enclosed by a sheet material shield, which serves both as mechanical protection and counter-electrode. Due to the special shape of this shield, bypass channels are created, which assist an efficient six-channel blowing nozzle by stabilizing the airflow. The airflow can be adjusted exactly in accordance to the application – particularly useful for the treatment of small pieces. A power pack provides the required voltage.

Ionizing Air Gun Special Features and Advantages:

  • Operating facility: The LG Gun consists of few individual modules, each of which is exchangeable. The high-voltage cable can be extended, shortened or exchanged.
  • Ergonomics: Modern industrial design – well-thought-out down to the last detail. This device can be used conveniently and efficiently by left and right handers.
  • Ecology – economy: The utilization of the intake air through bypass channels
  • Lightweight and quiet: The LG creates remarkably little noise and its low weight makes it easy to handle – 480 grams before air hose and HV cable
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Ionizing Nozzles is a highly effective production aid for the discharging and cleaning of surfaces – in particular of non-conductive materials. Beside the hand-held unit, other versions are available for installation into plants and machinery (without Air Gun).

Voltage Supply:

  • These units are simply connected to a HAUG high-voltage power pack. Power packs are available for a variety of mains voltages and can be specified to have two or four high-voltage connections.

The HAUG Multistat power pack is particularly recommended for this application. This fully electronic unit includes an integrated electronic fault and performance monitor ensuring a high and consistent standard of quality

Other Details:

  • Ring Ionizer RI 20 / RI 20P (with Air Gun)
  • This “mini” version is particularly suited for the discharge of very small areas and components in confined workspaces. It is light, flexible and easy to handle, and its robust design makes this unit the ionizer of choice for many discharge processes.
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The Point Ionizer was developed for the neutralization of the smallest of parts. Emitting positive and negative ions, this unit reliably neutralizes spot charges. This ionizer is perfectly suited for mounting in places where there is little room. The plug of the electrode must simply be connected to the high voltage transformer (power pack) and the unit can be quickly set into operation without tools. The One-Point-Ionizer OPI has proven its value repeatedly in daily use, e.g. in the medical industry. The OPI can also be equipped with compressed air (Mini-Jet Ionizer).

  • Note: The pin carries high voltage and must not be touched while in operation.

Technical Information:



Inseparable HV-cable, attached permanently to the bar.
Diameter16 mm
Length45 mm
Operating temperature+5º C to +50º C
Storage / transport temperature-15º C to + 60º C
Optimum effective distance30 mm
Smallest bending radius (cable)R 50
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This Flat Jet Mini Spot Ionizer proves its efficiency especially in mounting places where there is little room or where mounting is very complicated. Applications include injection molding for the elimination of material particles or for cleaning of pendants.

Special notes:

  • Haug static bars come with a patented connector to assure safety in operation and maintenance. Field repairable, it prevents a connection if the static bar is removed or attached while power is still on at the power supply.
  • Cable is fully shielded unlike some manufacturers which claim shielding which may only be partial. This results in much longer life for haug products.
  • Repairable power supplies - almost unheard of in the industry, haug power supplies are repairable and come with a 2 year warranty.
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The Power Supplies in combination with HAUG ionizing units is intended for the removal of electrostatic charges. The mains voltage is transformed by the Multistat to an output voltage of 7–8 kV~ for the operation of HAUG ionizing units.

Special features and advantages:

  • Self-balancing high-voltage; no adjustment or settings on the Multistat are required
  • Indication of the output high-voltage by means of an analogue indicating instrument
  • Fault indication in case of insufficient output voltage by means of an optical signal (light-emitting diode - LED) and a floating change-over contact
  • Fault indication in case of insufficient mains voltage by means of a floating change-over contact
  • The floating change-over contact allow both status check and an error check to be performed
  • The Multistat allows the integration of the fault signals into a quality assurance system
  • The high-voltage plug-and-socket connector system X-2000 ensures a secure connection. The assembly of the connector is straightforward and does not require any tools
  • Four high-voltage terminals allow up to four HAUG ionization units to be connected

Function Monitoring:

  • For an ionization system to work efficiently, a voltage of at least 4,2 kV~ (Corona inception voltage) is required.
  • By monitoring the electronic control of the output voltage, the high-voltage is continuously monitored; any drop below the corona inception voltage is signaled as malfunction. This fault signal may be linked with e.g. the machine control system or the production monitoring system using the socket connection integrated into the housing and a signaling cable.
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The Static Bars reliably removes electrostatic charges and its performance, when compared to the standard version, is three times the power. This tremendously improves the static removal and designed to address extremely high charges, faster speeds and greater distances. The bar has all of the typical features that characterize HAUG ionizing bars: the reliable and removable plug-and-socket connection System X-2000, the shielded high-voltage cable, the special stainless-steel electrodes and the convenience of being safe to touch. The electrical capacity of the VS ionizing bar is three times as great as the standard version, and therefore, it is necessary to base any power pack load calculations on a bar length three times as long.


  • VS static bar - 50 cm with 200 cm cable
  • Power pack load: 3 x 50 cm + 200 cm = 350 cm



  • Plastic processing industry : Film processing, packaging machines, film extruders, etc.
  • Textile industry : Weaving and spinning mills, textile finishing plants, etc.
  • Graphic industry : Screen and pad printing machines, photographic and film processing machines, folding machines, etc.
  • Paint Shops : Car painting, painting of plastic components, etc.
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For many years, HAUG has been a competent manufacturer of Explosion Proof Applications approved for equipment in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. These are intended to eliminate unwanted electrostatic charges in areas where hazardous gases may form, such as paint plants or printing machines.


  • Graphical Industry: Screen, tampon and offset printing machines etc.
  • Paint Shops: automotive paint applications, painting of plastic parts, etc.

Ionizing bars EI Ex T

The design of the ionizing bars EI Ex T complies with the International ATEX directivities. In combination with the power pack EN 92 Ex or Multistat Ex, it is suitable for use in manufacturing locations with potentially explosive atmospheres resulting from gases of explosion group IIA, temperature classes T4 to T6.
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Static Testing 80301 -tests if static bars and power supplies are working. Quantitative performance testing. The high-voltage test unit Static Testing Model 80301 is a performance testing unit for HAUG or other power packs and for HAUG ionization units. Unlike cheap AC Testers which only show if power is going into power supplies or static bars, the Static Testing actually indicates if a power supply or bar is working. As you get close to the static bar, or power supply, a red light goes on indicating power to the unit, then if there is adequate voltage to make the system work, the light goes green. A minimum voltage of 3600 volts is required to insure that a static elimination system is working. The Static Testing light will turn green if you have that voltage. AC Testers will NOT do this and are not an adequate indicator so be wary of marketing ploys which may offer AC testers at inflated prices. For testing power packs, the red measuring probe is inserted into the high-voltage socket as far as it will go. After pressing the red push button the LED will illuminate green if the unit functions correctly. In case of malfunction, the LED will illuminate in red or no display at all is visible.For testing ionizing units the test unit is moved vertically towards the ionizing tips. The LED will flash red; when the probe makes contact, the LED will illuminate in green if the ionizing unit functions correctly. Hand Held Static Meter Model 80302 used to indicate static charge on parts, sheets and webs.The Hand Held "Static Control" Meter is reasonably priced and easy to handle. It is operated using an ON/OFF soft key (with circuit-breaker) and two further soft keys for the 0-100 and 0-1000 kV/m measuring ranges. The meter is battery powered. It should be part of any basic equipment of every electrical engineering workshop. It is rugged and durable for use in all types of plant operations.

Special notes:

  • Haug static bars all come with a patented connector to assure safety in operation and maintenance. Field repairable, it prevents a connection if the static bar is removed or attached while power is still on at the power supply.
  • Cable is fully shielded unlike some manufacturers which claim shielding which may only be partial. This results in much longer life for haug products.
  • Repairable power supplies - almost unheard of in the industry, haug power supplies are repairable and come with a 2 year warranty.
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The Static Meter electro field meter is a small hand-held field strength meter with digital display for measuring electrostatic charges in Volt. It perfectly combines easy operation with accurate measuring technique. The Static Meter measures charges according to the field influence principle C: The influenced charges, caused by the electrical field, generate an alternating current proportional to the electrical field strength. The selective amplifier converts this value into the corresponding field strength or electrical potential - without withdrawing energy from the electric field over the averaged time.

Special Features and Advantages:

  • Variable measuring distance: In order to obtain optimum results, the distance between test object and sensor head - depending on the degree of charge and the condition of the object's surface - can be selected incrementally
  • Hold function: The device is equipped with a Hold function to keep the measured value stored on the display.
  • Display in Volt :The integrated micro-computer automatically converts the measured field strength into the equivalent charge in Volt.

Mode of Operation:


  • Field pattern of a uniformly charged film A and of a uniformly charged film above the earthed/grounded metal plate B: The electric field of the electrostatic charge is converted into a measuring alternating current through the cyclical covering of the sensor plates. The display shows a tension proportional to the intensity and polarity of the field to be measured.
  • Field strength meters that work according to this principle have a high measuring sensitivity and allow very accurate measuring.
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Product Overview
  • The Nex Flow(TM) Ion Blaster Beam(TM) neutralizes static electricity and can remove static free dust up to 15 feet (4.6 m) away with no moving parts. It's compact design allows it to be used in hard to reach areas or confined spaces. The air volume and velocity are infinitely adjustable over a wide range using a pressure regulator to address any application from light to heavy duty. The use of an "air amplifier" (Model AM40) maximizes ionized airflow with large volume entrained while minimizing the use of compressed air. (See Air Amplifiers elsewhere in the catalog.). In most applications only 10 psig (0.7 bar) is required to operate effectively. The Ionizing Point is a powerful ionizer which remains effective because the air exit "plastic PET head" of the unit prevents weakening if ions which metal attachments may do. This can make the Ion Blaster Beam(TM) far more effective than systems using metal.


  • Ion Blaster Beam(TM) Features:
    • Effective Static Elimination
    • Can clean static free dust at a distance
    • Compact design to fit in small spaces
    • Stand is pre-drilled for easy mounting


  • Ion Blaster Beam(TM) Benefits:
    • Low compressed air use
    • Rapid static decay
    • Quiet Operation
    • Shockless and non-radioactive
    • Compact and rugged design
    • Intake may be ducted to bring in atmospheric air from another area
    • No moving parts and minimal maintenance
    • Variable flow and force
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